18 thoughts on “Braces boys are sexy

    • Chad……..Thats Riley! Hes A doll!!! Theres many photos of him on BoB Just type in “Riley” I love this braces boy dash dash inlove I think he is my favorite besides one more boy that I cant remember his name>…that wears braces and is hot!! He has some HOT pool pics and a great hairless smooth pit shot thats delicious!!

  1. Great post BL…I am a huge braces boy fanatic! I love boys with braces!!! Too much…hee-hee chuckle Probably because I had one of my first “acts” to completion when I was 12 and the braces boy was 16…since then I always loved boys with braces……most of my last few boys had braces too! so………………. squirrel joy I love them! Thanks. good

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