13 thoughts on “13 year old boy sings Lady Gaga

      • Yep – starred in the series Raising Hope. As for the comment above how “puberty hit him like a truck”, Greyson looks to me like he developed into a fine young man. Maybe too many people here cannot see outside their own paedophilic blinkers!

        • “Paedophilic Blinkers” huh? maybe put the STOP sign on that rhetoric? rtfm and it not “paedophilic”…Its Pedophilic…to be exact. And Umm why are you here?To see MEN? ” Check yourself before you wreck yourself-stickin dicks up your ass is bad for your health”( Ice-Cube) .WORD.

          • Oh dear! You didn’t have to do poopies in your pink frilly knickers!

            1. I’ve never quite figured out why you Americans have bastardised correct English spelling. Paedophilia: from the Greek “Pais” (child) and “Phileo” love. Only in America is it spelled pedophilia.

            2. The comment had nothing at all to do with why me, or you, or anyone else visits this site. It was simply an observation that some here are very quick to write off a boy’s looks simply because he progresses to manhood – and in many cases, such as Greyson Chance, turns out looking just fine! The inane derogatory comment about how puberty “hit him like a truck” is uncalled for, and can only come from someone who cannot see beyond their boy fixations.

            • Yes, he’s has developed into a fine young man. But, as you kindly reminded me of, I’m boyfixed. I liked his young boy voice better. That’s it. No more drama. End of story. smile

  1. Correct term 4 his tender age back then is pederasty, luv of boys puberty thru age 17, the VIM peak yearz= practiced widely n ancient Greece& Olympics, still popular n regions of sum beautiful countries, paedophilia is b4 puberty=history online is wher I learned summa this

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