9 thoughts on “Burrcut Boy Part 1

  1. Wow, what a beauty. I love really skinny boys who like being shirtless. Looks like he plays rough too, he’s got that scratch on his stomach and those little white scars on his ribs, probably from being shot with a BB gun.

    • You pretty much have summarized everything I like about this boy. The pics are older, so he’s probably put a few pounds on and have grown hair in a few places that were smooth and hair-free in these pics, but I bet he’s still a good-looking son-of-a-bitch, and we’ll always have these awesome pictures of him to cherish and fantasize over.

  2. Oh My Lord, & this sinewy slender slim pubertyboy is deninitely to be worshipped as a Lord !! I wanna be his lucky girlfriend for the next 3 years or so after pix taken=I feel fortunate to have seen him cuz I wood remember if I had b4=absolutely fantastic Chad

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