First Post of Me ~

2016-09-16-182505My last post was a picture of me about 2-3 years ago. I really liked that picture and thought you all would too :P

And now this is a present picture of me! laugh

13 thoughts on “First Post of Me ~

  1. Can I adopt you?…. You can be my sugar baby!! Ill be your young daddy!! chuckle Uncle…? chuckle Friend.. chuckle whatever you want me to be hot sexy boy!!! You are gorgeous and very sexy and handsome!! Love your blue eyes..could stare at them all day long! Post more please!!! You are HOT!!! dash dash Love to run my fingers through that hair and kiss those lovely lips Mmm Mmmmbaby! inlove You look like a hot boy from the pages of a boy model magazine,,,OOh okay I better stop now…Its getting hot in here…Im gonna take my clothes off….

  2. U are so rosy sweet divine with beautiful eyes. & those luscious lips look like a feast worth dying for. Too bad I’m 19 for like the 33rd time n a few weekz & those I find precious are so vitally young!!

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