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I posted this in the forum but i would like more peoples comments on this video. Does boy love hurt the boy or does society?



I’ve watched this 100 times, and i cry at the end every time.

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  1. Society and Government would brand most of us as Paedophiles or Perverted. But the boys that get posted here on Beauty of Boys have at least One item of clothing on. Yeah okay they may be revealing, but that’s the charm of this site, and we all admire the boys and sometimes girls, without actually physically offending them. Society sucks.

  2. Sad clip – no words were needed. Iam not sure what the answer is to this complicated issue of boy love – although there is no doubt that society makes it worse. Although it’s unlikely things will ever change anytime soon – if ever – I guess you still have to have a little bit of hope that something positive will happen and things will change about this issue – one day – some day – but it won’t be simple, quick, or easy – and that is unfortunate. But if you want change, you have to fight for it and you can’t give up or it will never happen. So keep fighting, wish everyone involved in this issue good luck, and hope for best that things will change one day – that’s about all you can do.

  3. Society sucks….!!!!! If two boys are in love who has the right to say it’s wrong. Let them be and worry about more serious issues like the economy or world hunger, something really important…….!!!!!!!!!! anger anger anger anger

  4. Hmmm For an over opinionated (to some) Mutha-F@#ker that I am…Im kinda at a loss for words!! Who me???…. shock But I too had some ridicule not so long ago in High School when I was a 17 year old senior who was in love with a classmates younger nephew who was 12. I met him through his 15 year old brother and immediately fell in love with him!! inlove I was driving so I used to pick him up from school and cruise around town with him! He used to like to “bump” my stereo and cruise! Some of my peers would tease me when they saw me with him and say “Hey what are you doing baby sitting”? He could barely be seen the top of his head peering out from the passenger side door frame of the car,,lol… laugh But that never stopped me..of course I took a lot of shit for it Especially from friends of the 17 year old uncle that was my classmate too! At one point his dad even confronted him asking him if I was gay and if he was gay too?…. I actually loved him! Then the taunts slowly started from some of those guys and it got back to my little friend that I may be “gay”..He was scared they would label him gay if he was seen with me! He started to pull away and was scared that he would be labeled gay too! He avoided me for a time until he realized he loved me too! In class I could do nothing more then to think of him and imagine he and I being boyfriends and doing the do…..I took A LOT of shit because I would continue to hangout with him I was near obsessed with him…he was all I could think of and I sacrificed my popularity( I was a very popular guy) and maybe some sexuality just for him…….No one could figure out just what I saw in such a young boy ,me being on the cusp of adulthood? I had always wished that they could just leave us alone,leave us be….we were fine with each other well before any busy bodies meddled with us… We were happy together, I know he loved and looked up to me… We were in boy love and I was in love with a young boy ,My fantasies had come true and this boy was to be with me despite all of the negativity we were exposed too!…..eventually it got to him,not me and we grew apart cry They couldn’t leave it alone….To this day I have NO regrets about my love affair with him..all the ridicule and teasing never swayed me..yeah it was very rough and sometimes embarrassing to try and explain why I was always interested in this younger boy …Hopefully someday,somewhere,sometime…They can just let us be………( *So much for a loss of words… chuckle laugh ) Who Me ??

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