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  1. Hi everyone! I want to share this stunning video with you. It follows a young boy’s battle with his sexuality. I think this story speaks to many of us, in a broader sense. It’s a beautiful message of acceptance. I hope you’ll like it!

  2. Thanks for a great post…..!!!!!! The only thing I love more than boys in underpants is boys dressed up as girls….I too prefer them in miniskirts, easier to see their panties that way…….!!!!!!!! laugh diablo good

  3. What I mean is, you don’t have to be transexual to relate. In a broader sense the message is about being accepted for who you are. And the boy, he’s the most beautiful boy in the world!

    Some facts:
    Annabel is based on Kathleen Winter’s novel of the same name, which follows the struggles of a young hermaphrodite raised in a remote part of Canada.

    And Goldfrapp told this in an interview: “We auditioned a lot of boys. Interestingly, about half of them dropped out when we told them they were going to have to wear a dress. But it’s quite interesting at that age, their mannerisms. Then Daniel came in and he had this stillness to him, and his movements were much slower and he had this sort of languidness.When he looked, he had a melancholy. It was instant when we saw him.”

    • You are so right Razmus..! good acceptance transverses all of” US”…And OMG this boy is nut busting HOT!!! chuckle Hes a very very very cute boy!!! Im very impressed! good with his beauty! The Movie I mention below had the same problems with casting because the boys that were to be in it were going to have to be in a dress and kiss another guy…A lot of actors and their agents declined the roll (sad cry ) but true…Only the true actors with cohones took the roll. Daniel is a TRUE actor in every sense of the word…He doesn’t care about the stigmas associated with the roll,..Now THATS a true actor… kudos to sexy beautiful *Daniel…..I love him!! inlove

  4. My preferences is for a boy to be a boy….I have NO opposition to a girly boy or cross dressing/ trans- gender whatever… I think I just like to unzip/un-button those jeans!!..lol… chuckle If you like these types of things there’s a sad but revealing true story about a transgender teen named ” Gwen Araujo” who was a transgender! Its a lifetime movie network channel movie called.”A girl like me ” ..the Gwen Araujo story. Unfortunately its a sad one about a boy in Newark ,California who was trans and was murdered because of it.

    • When I was a child, people told that I looked too much like a girl. And I didn’t act like a “typical” boy. I never wanted to be a girl, but I was a higly sensitive child. Dad took me to soccer when i was 10. To taught me how to be a real man, I guess. He didn’t quite succeed… I dropped out of my team two years later.
      sad I had to do it my own way. Today I’m a 5’9″ tall, thick-skinned, soppy bloke.

  5. Thanks for sharing this vid. It brought me back memories when i was bout his age. But the only difference was tht i did that in the nude with only sneakers on

  6. Thanks for sharing this vid. It brought me back memories when i was bout his age. But the only difference was tht i did that in the nude too with only sneakers on in the woods behind my parents house with a fort i built to be in, my young experiencing life

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