20 thoughts on “PM System maintaining.

  1. Aw, I just tried to create a new post but kept getting this message:

    Your submission has errors. Please try again!
    The title is too long
    There are too many links in the article body
    There are too many tags

    I posted as per every other time, without running into this problem cry
    I hope this is because of the maintenance laugh

    Other than that, thanks to sascha for keeping this site updated and working! good

  2. Thank you Sascha! we know you are always trying to improve this site for us and we, or at least I! appreciate all of your efforts! And I also appreciate Kasper too, he seems to work tirelessly on problems that come up on this site. Thank you both! good drinks

  3. Post submitting should work again now penguin and the old buggy but working PM thing is restored laugh Maybe i will give the new pm system update a other try sometimes. but currently it is really not working for a site with such a amount of messages like bob laugh

  4. Can not access on Google but get right on with Microsoft Edge…same thing happened a while back…Getting message on Google that Cloud something is redirecting, but can not access at all

  5. Thanx 4the info guyz=once again,wen stuf hapens,I think it was sumthin bad I may hav dun2get banned from site,like I did witFacebook 4 I guess havin a fake profile name?! I was havin problems jus now wit regularGoogle here but Chrome seemz2work fine jus so u kno? Glad I tried but otherz may not b able2get so lucky. Was on my way2MiamiBoyz site if it didnt work

  6. So its givin me sum trouble postin comments on GoogleChrome&yur blogsite header is [email protected] of each page but Chrome seemz a lot faster on my fone, wich is still all kinda new2me& I havent been online much n last few [email protected] as I was 2busy4 all that

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