A Tarzan boy in only two films.

Rickie Sorensen made two Tarzan films in 1958-“Tarzan And The Trappers” and “Tarzan’s Fight For Life”. He plays their adopted son, Tartu. Here he is with Gordon Scott as Tarzan and Eve Brent as Jane.img_20160921_0001img_20160921_0002img_20160921_0003le-combat-mortel-de-tarzan_450606_49614tmb954le-combat-mortel-de-tarzan_450607_19961

4 thoughts on “A Tarzan boy in only two films.

  1. Almost as delicioso as Johnny Sheffield & his Latino Jungle Boy best friend n old Johnny Wesmueller’s Tarzan & The Leopard Woman, Tarzan & The Amazonz, or amazing Jai Padilla n 70’s high budget Tarzan TV series filmed n Mexico & Panama=watch & drool

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