18 thoughts on “Boys undies

  1. How am i first to comment? Nobody cares about tasty boy briefs? I personally like the first 3 pix plus the last one which I have seen b4, n a dream. The others are a bit young for my taste, but 4,5 & 6 are damn cute & growing BiGGER every day!

  2. 8 has always been a favorite of mine for some reason laugh
    5 is beautiful, I love his smile and beautiful body
    7 is amazing! always loved his beautiful legs
    and of course the most favorite, number 6….. Pashka.. I remember the first time I saw this boy.. still in love with him now as much as I was way back then!

  3. I love #1……a couple of boys that were models for Tiger Underwear. Sorry I don’t recall their names at the moment, I use to know both of them. They always were outside in Tiger briefs when they had their pictures taken, so hot……!!!!

  4. #1 boy on the right looks mischievous &horny! #2 I’d love to play with his gameboy!! #3 perfect age yummy! #4 Damn that lil dude is packin !!!Not photo-shopped either! Man hes gonna be huge!!! good

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