18 thoughts on “Benji

  1. Ohhh Benji !! Benji got me sprhung about halfway thru&then he seal a mealed the [email protected] end=He may be the real legendary HuckleberryFinn 2replace our beloved Brad Renfro?! I will rewrite it as HucklecherrySinz= TheExperimentingWithSexYearz

  2. And that bed is WAY to small for this growing, blossoming teen boy, so Benji can stay with me on my futon with my cat for a while, maybe a year or two?!

  3. Hey!! Pic # 3…Thats My body ! give it back kid…. chuckle Its weird to see what your body looks like on someone else! Even those nips ,belly button ,arms and legs and feet look just like mine Huh? I guess thats what my kid would look like if I have one someday? But cuter…..hee..hee chuckle good There is another boys face (younger though) That looks exactly like me too! If I could find that pic and shop the face onto this body Viola! Me….just in case anyone wondered what I look like…..

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