I’m getting my hair cut later. So, I wonder…

Which haircut/boy do you like the most?








Hairstyles For Boys Kids Haircut Styles Boys How Does She Look Haircut Styles Boys All - Popular Short Hairstyle


Hairstyles For Boys Kids Trendy Hairstyle For Young Boys - Popular Short Hairstyle














17 thoughts on “Haircuts

  1. There should be a whole tribe of #1s aged 11-15 lined up double file for blockz headed to my door, I see a lotta young Latinboyz around who look like or are even cuter than #5 = #6, 8 & 9 are edible also

  2. I’m not fond of bare side. To each their own. Mine was down to my butt until the beginning of summer. It was cut to shoulder length, and it’s naturally curly. I call it controlled chaos.

  3. I like the hairstyle of boy #9 because it’s playful and you can rumple it by driving your hand through it. I would love to do that. heart Actually it’s one of the things I love most doing with boys: I can feel their beautiful hair and their heads under my hand and I LOVE the pretended indignation they always show when one does this, but actually they love it too. It’s so cute.

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