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  1. The beauty of men ? Boys are not shaved, they have not hair on the face, an other parts of the body.
    I’m sorry, but there are a lot of blogs that show the beauty of men, but this is not one of those. I’m here because I like to see BOYS.
    Tomorrow are we going to see women here ?
    Please, don’t think I am offensive, just pragmatic and a bit sarcastic.

  2. I guess some members forgot the adage of old “Thumper” from the Disney classic “Snow White..” If you cant say nuthin nice,dont say nuthin at all”…You all have a right to your own opinions as I surely am very opinionated (who me? blush ) But I see no reason to be DIX! This guy was brave enough to show his face and kind enough to share…shouldn’t WE as a community try to make him feel a tad more welcome….To each his own some here like almost babies to almost adults….True this is ‘Boys blog” and contrary to some opinions made above ,depending on what Country/ State you live in “Boys” can be up to 18 and have hair…..some 13 year olds shave and have hair so are they NOT boys?? You may like em hairless but maybe others dont. Everyone AoA is different If you dont like it skip to the next page and dont look! Instead of being a little whinning B@*ch!

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