9 thoughts on “Boys in tights 4

  1. I have a GREAT idea! BoB should have a P.O.W “Picture of the Week”..Themed only of toddlers and babies….. So that eddy could blow a gasket and freak out! chuckle Now that would be hilarious.. chuckle ..better yet have a Toddler Month …all toddlers!! laugh laugh * I personally ,as Ive stated before> Am not sexually attracted to babies or toddlers…I think they are very cute and yes attractive adorable and I enjoy these cute innocent pictures of them on Bob It breaks the monotony of “woodies” sometimes…. chuckle ,but not sexually…. no BUT that doesnt mean other members that feel the same way I do should chastise another who does….after all many or most of the “other” world would puke at the thoughts “eddy”…that you have for young boys! good Period.The BL community doesnt need another foe it needs a friend,strength in unity not division.And before I get a bunch of crap about how he has the right blah,blah,blah… rtfm I support his right…but thats not always “Right”….just enjoy what you enjoy and shut the [email protected] up! good Thank You.

  2. what is a not dirty kind? You should be more tolerant. The most people in the world are thinking the same about you, with your attraction to older boys too. Here is not the place for harassing people about their attraction for boys. If you do not like little boys, then just leave these posts, no one is forcing you to watch it.

    In any case i will not tolerate that you insult member here. So you should really change your behaviour.

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