15 thoughts on “Post #67 Boys, forever random

  1. #6 it’s so rare to see so young a boy with such wide muscular pecs, bulging shoulders and perfect washboard abs. His arms must be very strong and tight, too. He can have every girl he sees around

  2. Lean back boyz #3 is a yummy gem of boyhood for sure, havent seen the rest yet, i need to catch my breath cuz ive fallen & can still get up, barely dash but ive fallen for him with BIG crush = im probably sprhung

  3. I will play several kinds of wrestling with such beauty
    boy in one beachfun wrestling ,,,, boys in 2 3 4 5 6 7 greco roman fun wrestling
    and boy in eight turkish oil wrestling so that I put my hand where he puts it boy in last pic bed wrestling

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