The original Boy wearing a loincloth #2.

More of Johnny Sheffield as Boy with Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O’ Sullivan as Tarzan and Jane. What a skimpy loincloth he has on.374368_454961754588275_639779132_n942991_464107980340319_792864529_nb1sjgwb2k-kgrhqvg0ew5bgnmebmd4h7vdt-_110175_463126970438420_153538104_n1516_466822663402184_2101556405_n

3 thoughts on “The original Boy wearing a loincloth #2.

  1. Thanx 4 that = i think Johnny Sheffield got even cuter & more seductive a few movies later = my fave is Tarzan & The Leopard Woman, then Tarzan & The Amazonz shot around the same time when he just became a teenager = many sexy shotz of him there

  2. I watched these movies when i was a boy just bc i loved watching the little boys run around in the jungle in those loincloths hoping to see them fall off in front of the camera.

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