56 thoughts on “Curly Shark Boy

  1. Ones again a great post .
    I’ll edit the mom out off the pics and also take his tattoo off . sad (I’ve I may )
    I thought we ( I am ) wear into the innocents off these boys ?

    A tip look at the pictures and listen to these songs at the same time :
    Thierry David – Sigh of The Goddess
    Blank & Jones – Lullaby (Les Yeux Fermes)

    Best on a headphones or on good loudspeakers (at my place ?)

    Thank you for uploading this saschax99

    My website ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we all be arrested diablo

  2. He is one of the most prefect boys ever posted. 1) he is shown in more than one pose so we get a complete picture of all his charms. 2) he is cute, just head shots would qualify him to be on the blog: great eyes, full lips, nice nose, winning smile and darling ears topped with boyish blond hair, 3) he is in a swim suit which allows for seeing all of him 4) he obviously is a male and well endowed with a pleasure pole which offers some wonderful possibilities. 5) he has a full round, tight young bottom which tempt all kinds of mutually pleasing activities.
    The total Package, great minor male material. Thank you Madarus and Sascha for sharing this handsome, sexy lad with us. {I happen to like the tattoo which allows the possibility he might enjoy doing things out of the ordinary} laugh inlove hug

  3. Perfection at its finest! Thanks to Madarus and Sascha This is a little Adonis…..that should be his name from now on..This kid is super hot and even at his young age exudes sex appeal… Hopefully he never gets Tats and ruins that very cute body!!! I love this boy!!! inlove

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