20 thoughts on “Cute diaper boys

      • Why should any boy, or for that matter, girl, man or women have to be sexualized? Just because someone is considered beautiful, it does not necessarily follow that they are considered as being sexy. That having been said, Montanarocks’s comment is, in my humble opinion, perfectly valid, in as much as I take it to mean that they are too young for this blog. The vast majority of these images show babies, and most are barely out of the cradle. Now, I’m not saying that babies aren’t beautiful, but I think we have to face the fact that we have a situation on our hands that needs some serious thought and consideration. We cannot get away from the fact that the images of toddlers and babies that have recently been appearing have caused some disquiet, to say the least. So, maybe we have to consider the possibility that there should be a lower age limit(?). Please be clear; I’m not saying that there should be, I am asking whether the question should be considered.

        • It comes back around to the truth of the blog, there is no WE in BOB’s , this is NOT a democracy, WE don’t own the blog. Any kindness that the owner wishes to ALLOW us to have is but by their grace alone. There’s no vote here, unless he is gracious enough to find it important. I have seen these registers of differences of opinion come and go, and come back around all over again. The discussion comes and goes, but the tolerance of what one person likes, versa what someone else does or doesn’t remains the same. It is the same for everybody, it’s called different strokes for different folks, and a large stretch for everybody’s concerns, likes and dislikes equally. There is NO problem with the posts on here that I can see. Tolerance is the word that needs to be used.

        • @ Dave boy…….Okay…..But where do we draw the line and who says what line we may draw?…If it starts with age ,whats next..?? Race? should we only allow white boys? Or only black haired boys..? Only boys with straight teeth? Blue eyed boys only? Etc… Etc… Woluf is correct…..Its up to the owner(s) of BoB….. I stated my opinion yesterday see : “Boys in tights 4″.Sept..26….” to eddys comments…. (By the way eddy nothing personal it wasnt really geared towards you specifically but to all who want to bash others for their preferences) Let those who enjoy whatever age boys they do and you enjoy yours..no need for the constant “too young” or “too old” comments anymore! Just enjoy!!!……before it all goes Kaput! (away) joy

  1. I think the boy in 4 and 5 here is Robin,he was the boy in the last post I made to the blog which was called Green eyes green boy. I just posted though the pictures of him when he was slightly older.I actually don’t mind these sort of posts,the baby boy in the first picture is adorable but not in any sexual way,just sweet to look at. I think what concerns some members is the comments that some members make in relation to these type of pictures but,as Kasper as said elsewhere on the blog,there’s always that thing called the ‘report’ button..

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