23 thoughts on “What you like to do with me?

  1. I cannot record what I would like to do because if I did I would be banned, but it would be mutually pleasurable, provided he was a totally willing participant. Woweeeeeeeeeee!

  2. This teen heartthrob is not an ugly duckling by any meanz. He is way more handsum&sexy than most of the babies i see on this site, just sayin rtfm i wood buy u a meaty sandwich, mikshake&a pretty hooker so i can watch her squeal wile u gasp n delite, or i can help u out myself cuz i kinda remember those pentup homonal daze yur experiencing & i crave it

  3. Wonderfully sinewy body tone by the way = he is so fit it makes me scream, his smooth underarmz are so tasty, abz, abz, & wow on those abz, plus Mount Speedo needz exploring & conquering !!

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