14 thoughts on “Burrcut Boy Part 3 (final)

  1. I absolutely luv him & wood be his personal fluffer every morning as he wakes up if he let me live under his bed !! heart so glad i saw all 3 postz of this lord of boyz adonis as i usually dont have data on my fone. He goes up n my Hall Of Fame = i really hope he did more n classic white briefz or better, a jockstrap that showz sum!! Quadruple YUMz

  2. I love this kid….He has a unique hotness to him thats not your average “pretty boy” look yet he is a cutie !! He looks a lot like this boy who I was his first to give him a squirrel …job!! After that he was really into me (wonder why?? yes ) always came back for more….maybe thats why this one has a special place in my heart??….

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