34 thoughts on “More of me #4

  1. Yo Mickey!!! You are so hot Love your face and hot smooth boy body..and those Minion undies…… joy they make you look like even a younger little boy! How cute!! I want to eat a minion…. chuckle

    • Isnt that a song from old MTV daze? Hey Mickey, yur so fine u blow my mind, Hey Mickey, Hey Mickey!! U hafta clap when u do it, & it waz kinda pop rap 4 the time, maybe early 90’z gamer

  2. Thats it, im gonna patent my time machine so that i can be 14 again, then i’ll push the turbo button so i’m back n 2016 just so i can play yur adolescent reindeer gamez!! Be careful what u wish 4, it may becum true!! rtfm Hey, i just heard Samsung now makes exploding washing machinez!! KaBOOM !! WTF?!! Holy exploding washing machinez,Batman!! Good thing i have stock n Tesla nstead penguin

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