24 thoughts on “O arte e rapazinhos 12

  1. Id like to caption a few for you …#1 Look whats in your garden # 2 Giddy up little doggies #3 Im cold and i need a warm hug! # 4 What a big trunk i have # 7 Yeah im lookin at you! #10 Shhh I wont tell ..If you dont tell !!! good

  2. Sum awesum sexy pix here = i dont think i have seen any of these b4 = i will try to pick a fave so #6 reverse azian boyz, 8 gamer & 9 abz are best, also like facepaint boy climbing a tree?! Wonderful post again

    • The facepaint boy is not climbing ! He cuddle his elephant friend ! It is common, in India, that a boy grow with his father’s elephant. Thanks for your comment ! joy
      And I try to post some pictures not very seen before.

  3. WOW! I’ve never seen an elephant with so many freckles before! Is he sporting a tuff of red hair on his head too? And look at those eyelashes on his wonderful boy friend! Can I have them both? PLEASE!

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