This is me (2nd post)

As u guys are so awesome i decided to post a 2nd post of me..I hope u guys like it… And let me know what u think about it on the comments..

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46 thoughts on “This is me (2nd post)

  1. Ivan was my cute younger brother’s name, but he left us quite a while ago. He was the best looking of 3 brotherz i think, but i have sum pix of me when i was 13 & 14 -16 where i fall n luv with myself !! Damn introverted narcissistz!! I may post them sumday after i find my disc with the pix=i know where it is & my family has copies of both of us!! gamer

  2. Ok. Sorry if this seems really weird. First, how old are you? (BTW i’m 14 and gay – pretty sure you’re gay with all this boy stuff going on!). But next, even though I was going to comment on what a cutie you are earlier, I want to say something. I’ve just come back from a class, and I saw a boy sitting in a car looking VERY MUCH like you – your beauty had stuck in my mind xD. So quick question…. are you living in Edinburgh, Scotland, right now? And going to Edinburgh Academy(i recognise the uniform) THanks in advance for your reply cutie pie!!!!!!

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