11 thoughts on “Greg in his underwear

  1. That has to be a dream he’s having! mine I was always [email protected] at school! worry shock

  2. I think i saw him at the bus station restroom b4=silly trampboy=or was it the library? It wasnt wen i went back 2 jr college recently, was it? I get those restroomz mixed up along with sportz arenaz, niteclubz, shopping mallz, theatrez, downtown highrises, airportz, hospitalz, restaurantz or tourist landmarkz, parkz & beachez… diablo

  3. It was the movie “Diary of a wimpy Kid- But it was the 2nd Rodrick rules” He was at his grand-dads place, a retirement home and he was being filmed by cameras that his brother Rodrick was taping. Love this portion of the movie!!! heart

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