10 thoughts on “DiCaprio being young

  1. I loved him in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” (with Johnny Depp). It was one of their first movies, before they got so “spoiled”. They both did marvelous roles in it.

  2. Yeah WAS cute now hes just another left wing hypocritical Hollywood jerk-off who flies around the world on a private jet and screws fame seeking whores on his private yacht then tries to preach to the rest of the world that WE should reconsider our wastefulness and its our fault theres global warming and the zealot environmentalists make HIM an ambassador against global warming… Go figure!!! He’s an donkey HOLE!

  3. I guess he felt he wasn’t being taken seriously as an actor, so he tried playing roles that were way to old for his face. Didn’t work. He sure was cute when he was younger though.

  4. Dentro de un boy estelar tiene que tener atributos específicos y únicos, buen cuerpo, cara, carisma y Leo vivió eso y más, con su personalidad como la película la máscara de hierro.

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