Member’s Choice XXII


Which Boy Do YOU like BEST?
Which Do YOU wish to see more pics of?


BOY #1
Thank you for your interest, participation and comments!

44 thoughts on “Member’s Choice XXII

  1. #1 seems shows more personality in his pics and has a great physique, but I choose #2 because of the last pic. I love that shape and would love to see more of his amazing chest and torso. Also #1 is more familiar to me – I’ve seen him around more . #2 might be new to me.

  2. I love number ones pose against the wall. The inward curve of his back leading to the outward curve of his butt, and his great coy facial expression. I was leaning to my favorite number two, but that pose alone won me over. (sigh) Number one this time.

  3. Always loved the boy #2 a *Sinal classic dubbed “Brown Haired Angel”….Ive lost some dna chuckle because of him a few times….But I think Im gonna say #1 this time..He just has something I am hot for today…

  4. #1 definitely poses like he’s already somebody’s boy toy even though he is cute I’d have to vote for #2 the fact that he doesn’t know he’s being photographed provides a innocence that I find hot

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