13 thoughts on “Ooh, he’s here again…

  1. All hot Great post! favs..All…Super favs. laugh #`s 1,2,6,7,9 &10.. Love Tow headed Coke boy!! YummY….#2 a little cutie… #6 sexy boy has a great # of pics here@ BoB that are sexy!! Last boy is come hither!!

  2. I think what the post is suggesting is they have a look of maturity in the eyes beyond their years!

    kids seem to grow up way too fast today! they need to be kids for as long as possible! hug yes
    there is a split-image pic floating around facebook of a group of preteen kids playing in a mud hole, and another small group playing on their iphones, and the tag says: kids should know how to play in the mud, before they learn how to text on their phones!

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