Members Choice – The Oriano Boys No1

Here is the first batch of pictures by Nicolau Oriano. The boy models are mainly two blond brothers and other boys, Adding the video “Memories”. This video is part of a set. Enjoy!

oriano_01 oriano_02 oriano_03 oriano_04 oriano_05 oriano_06 oriano_07 oriano_08 oriano_09

26 thoughts on “Members Choice – The Oriano Boys No1

  1. The photographer, artist Nicolau Oriano is simply brilliant. I’ve seen his work in the past on Flicker, but he closed his account. He is a true artist, he captures the beauty of boys and the care free freedom of boyhood on his photography and videos, with music added just brilliantly. I hope he knows, how much his work is loved and appreciated.

  2. Great post Razmus…Love the series you’ve posted. Very interesting videography..Of course these bro’s are very hot kids!!! Love the underwater tummy and pit shots.. laugh good Lookin forward for more!

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