11 thoughts on “More vintage diaperboys in diaper and plastic pants

  1. #1, 2, 3 and 4 are great!
    I have never seen that series or that diaperboy before, I really hope there are more of him

    #6 is really cute too. The pic you posted is the only pic I ever saw of that diaperboy

  2. All of my sons were young in the time before plastic diapers. I have many fond memories of them running around in nothing but cloth diapers, or in cloth diapers and rubber pants. Changing them was an intimate, though sometimes not so fun time. Thank you Bedwetter for sharing, I wish there were many more of the old pictures around. hug penguin

    • That’s from the Damian series which is probably from like the 70s. The one in the light blue shirt is Damian, there are a bunch of diaper sets of him, I don’t know who the other boy is but I guess a friend or relative

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