15 thoughts on “must watch”Stand by me”

  1. It’s based on the Novella “The Body” by the master! Stephen King! in the movie, at the mud hole, they stripped to their undies because of the leeches, in the book, they took off EVERYTHING! shock

    There also was a dream scene in the book that did make it into the film! for obvious reasons! shock

    That’s the worst thing about turning a book into a movie, it just isn’t feasible to put everything from it into the movie! whether it be cost or the realms of so called decency!

  2. Yup i definitely have these movies…of course the leech scene got my….attention mmmm. If only the movie actually showed the real way as the book was written. And yessss… love the twins in lord of the flies too and the red underwear boy mmmm heart-ons

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