My first post

Im new to actually showing pics and all of that. Just looking for people around my age to chat with. im 15. Just got my driving temps two weeks ago so here it is laugh i covered some things up just for my protection i guess you could say.ok

19 thoughts on “My first post

  1. being from Europe i’ve always wondered why you can drive with 16, but drink with 21. Maybe you guys have far bigger distances over there… but still.

    • It can vary from state to state on both those issues in the US. Alaska’s drinking age was 19 when I grew up, and drivers 14 for motorcycles, 15 for car drivers. Things change.

  2. Very sexy boy…Oooo! A driver now too huh?…..You can cruise me around town anytime.. chuckle You are HOT! Love your eyes..are they green or blue? They look pretty and you’ve got some nice lips too! Hope to see more soon! Have fun cruisin! Ive had some really hot times pickin up boys in my car!! wish the same for you. cool

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