10 thoughts on “shirtless Sport Boys 8

  1. Love that boy in the 4th and 5th pics! Throwing his arms up at the end of the race, his smooth armpits are exposed and his ribs pop out – and then that lucky coach gets to put his hand on the boy’s chest, feeling his heart beating through his skinny, small body… Ugh, we should all be so lucky!

  2. Oh my – more shirtless sports boys – they all look awesome – wow and holy cow. It’s also interesting that most boys don’t seem to mind being shirtless – at home or in public – so I give them a lot of credit for being able to do it and I say more power to them.

  3. Yes I agree , shortless would be better. But I love those shorts in three with that major slit all the way to the waist band. I remember boys wearing those, with me praying for another major gust of wind for the ones that never wore anything else underneath. Love to watch them run in them as things kept escaping, or the way they sat like they didn’t already know how loose they were. Those were the days.

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