19 thoughts on “Speedo Fun

  1. All of the speedo boys look great. I have to give the boys credit for wearing speedos – it’s not an easy to do – but it’s nice to see them comfy enough with themselves to wear it in public – good job boys and happy speedos.

  2. I agree with Avalex and it could have been a lot worse if the IOC hadn’t stepped in and banned the full length body suit such has once worn by Ian Thorpe.
    I guess the IOC decided to compromise by allowing the half length knee suits, although Speedos are still considered acceptable in competition.
    It’s a personal decision of the swimmer, although I don’t see where there would be any distinct advantage for the swimmer.
    I still see a few Speedos at swim meets especially on boys with great bodies and why not.
    If ya got it. Flaunt it.

  3. wow thank you 100% you just made my day with those speedo pics
    and those boys bulge for there age are out of this world smile yes good
    please please please let see more of speedo fun pics soon again good good good
    i love it when they are not shy to show it of well done boys.

  4. Pic.3 , 4 . This boy is mega hot , luv boys wearing black mesh tops . Holding that crustacean so close would surely deter an overzealous BL . Smegma Yuck ! !

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