33 thoughts on “Just Hans: Part 2

  1. Yes Please flood.. He is a doll! Rather see more of him then other boys ( I wont say cause most everyone loves him) Pic #9 Great pic of Hans holding his pretty white cock… chuckle …the bird..the bird…. laugh

  2. Oh please DO flood the blog with more of Hans Mark1111! because he is beautiful and if you have more of him never mind sharing it! smile You may also share more of Hans and/or Hugo. they’re both cute smile

  3. The most amazing feelings it is to hold n hug a boy is so…..eroctic and arrousing, i can guess you all know exactly what im trying to say bc i am exactly just like all of you on this bl site. Ok nuf said as i look down, btw…yess, these pics are so…..mmmm mmm mmmm…..

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