28 thoughts on “O arte e rapazinhos 15

    • Thank you very much. Yes, I have a lot of boys not often seen, but I began my collection many years ago with real pictures (slides, negatives B&W and colors), scans of books fully disappeared today and censored, etc… and, of course, the web for over 10 years. And I have a lot of personal pictures of my own boys and boyfriends (I am a photographer too…) .But I don’t post it because, here, there are some unfair persons (just few, but really unfair) and I must protect me and my boys. But don’t worry, I have many boys to present you for many months, and many years if the site still goes on. hug joy cat

  1. Hello there, I just was reading the comments, many people appreciate No 7 and the las one, while I agree that all of the pictures posted here are good shots and the credit goes to the Photographer, but I mention these two particulary, becuase I did the Edition and the retouching work, yes, that’s what I love to do, retouching the original picture whether to correct some asymmetry issues or to make it more perfet.
    I used to have a Blog on tumblr which was NUKED recently alleging an unappropiate contents that involve minors according to tumblr team,while my whole posts were boys B&W portraits “FACES”…I felt Offended and humiliated with such unfair allegation. But there’s nothing that I can do. anyway I’m just happy to know that you guys like what I do…have a good time you all.

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