41 thoughts on “A Sweet Moment

  1. I think that man is either the boy’s Dad or maybe Granddad! he looks old enough to be he grand parent!

    It’s still an adorable and toughing sight to see the man be so loving and tender with the boy! the man is definitely very lucky! good

  2. Probably an older-type Uncle who took this little sweetie to his swim meet this day. So nice to see the Uncle catching some feels. Can’t really blame him at all. His little nephew is looking real cute in his little speedo. I sure hope they had lots of real fun after the meet. yes

  3. The old man sure.. is.. enjoying the boy, there is definitely some kind of a love thing going on between them and looks like the boy is enjoying his closeness with tht guy. Im so joulous! If the boy was on my lap something would definitely rise.! I love…what i see hiding under his speedo mmmm and omg….his peach fuzz arms n legs are so [email protected] attracting mmmm to me. OMG…im gonna explode…i love boy/man pics…….thanks chew for the posts

  4. Pretty sure if this was the Coach he would be beaten up by this kids Father or another parent would turn him in…..after all a coach isnt supposed to put a boy on his lap with his hands on his butt and his feet and legs and all..so im assuming its his Dad…Yeah he looks old but some Men have kids late in life others don’t age too well so?? Who knows,Could be Gramps……He is a cute kid who does seem to enjoy the cuddling…great he deserves it…. Love his little woodie too! But it is a great set of sweet pics too!

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