16 thoughts on “First post, don’t flame me too hard.

  1. Flame you? For what? You are a trooper just to post. Just post more. Great to have you. Oh and I don’t see anything odd about you at all. Here you have friends. We all probably have our little quirks. No biggie.

  2. dash Slam…Boy You are too cute!!! Like they are saying ,why would anyone “Flame” you?…Thats Aussie for “Dis” I guess lol…. laugh You are a very attractive sexy guy! You look like my last boyfriend…and he was hot!! So are you..Please make me happy and post more!!!..Usually Im a complainer for blurry pics but since you are too cute I`ll give you a pass! good heart I love your eyes…I want you!!!

  3. Why ‘flame’ you? You look super – very good looking. It would be great if you posted full length, in undies or speedo – I bet it would be excellent, and you know why.

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