Please pray for Jan

Ok, maybe you are not religious but this wonderful boy sadly died while playing in his wardrobe. Belts strangulated him.
He fought some days for survival in the hospital but sadly he failed.

I just wanted to show you this brave boy. Hopefully now he has peace.


23 thoughts on “Please pray for Jan

  1. How did that happen? I remember that some time in the past they publically warned youth for “strangulation sex” (masturbation), because an increasing number of teens died that way; it was extremely dangerous sad. I hope this “hype” isn’t going to pop up again among young boys and cause more deaths sad.

  2. I’m not religious, but the least I could do is say R.I.P.

    We have very little information on the accident, but I know that kids have lost consciousness and suffocated after taking part in a dangerous online craze. They film themselves choking before posting the footage on the internet.

    In this case, it need not be so.

  3. So many thoughts…were to begin?…My first thought when seeing the title before opening the post was HuH?…..Next was how does one accidentally hang himself “playing in his wardrobe”-with a belt? The Criminal Forensics in me have doubts…?? Then my next thought was OMG how gorgeous he was……Such a shame that such a beautiful angel has to die….Why? …Auto Erotic Asphyxiation….No joke! Boys and Girls…Dont do it….Ive heard of it,Never tried it personally..dont want to…. May Jan Rest In Peace. cry heart

      • Such a shame.

        But never believe what you read in the press. It is usually only a very small part of the story and they omit or change parts not to upset people or proof their point.

      • @ AlShamin…I agree It is very very tragic..But what im saying is its highly unlikely that you stroll into a closet and a belt magically gets wrapped around your neck without a person being able to remove it! Even if it was looped around the hanger pole first and your head accidentally got inside that loop you would still be able to remove it! It just sounds fishy to me…But for sure the real issue is whatever happened he is gone and its too tragic and unbearable to imagine….so sad!

  4. This is one of the saddest posts ever – what a terrible shame that this beautiful boy passed away at such a young age – condolances to his family and friends and may he rest in peace.

  5. He might have been copying something he’d seen on you tube or he might have been indulging in a masturbation session whilst withholding his breathing to enhance the sensation,who knows? Always sad when kids die like this..

  6. Jan i am very sorry for you
    I love you very you because you are for me a little brother
    I love very boys feet
    My big hope is meet you in the other dimension

  7. R I P kid taken away far to young i pray that the angels will look after you now
    and prayers to your family at this sad time
    why dose god alway take the good once first and not the bad once
    you are now in a better world now no pain and no problems any more Jan
    just a lot of happy times now bye now JAN we have a new angel in the skys now .
    R I P JAN. cry blush shock

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