27 thoughts on “Random boys

  1. Love the full frontal of boy #9 the sneak peek of boy #8 and boy #7 in his boxers, all of them are hot as can be, and I love the boy in the running kit and the wat boy #1 is sitting on the pole with it between his legs! If boy #2 wants a camping buddy, I’m there! ;)

  2. Pic #1 Oh no boy don’t sit on that pole like that you’ll hurt those precious jewels you have…!…!NO!!! shock #2 I’d love to camp with him and keep him warm spooning… yes #4 Lovely sexy long haired boys……sweetness to eat!! #5 Boy with the Chiquita Banana sticker on his forehead Uhhh..Id love to squirrel your Chiquita baby!! chuckle #6 You don’t need no water wings cutie I will hold you up in the water!!#5&7 Exceptionally sexy and smooth ! Great Post… good

  3. #2 is stunning. my heart is beating through all my body and I’m speechless….
    anyway I liked every single picture of this post Madarus so thank you for it and please share some more if you feel like it smile

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