22 thoughts on “Handsome? Cute? Beautiful? Sweet?

    • I’m grazing these wonderful boys, such loverly… er, and, they all look really good to me. The first one looks a bit serious, but I can thrive on intense. He doesn’t even have to kiss me while he, …appreciates me.

  1. First off great taste in boys,Nice post…..First pic I loved him even better when I “left clicked” on the photo to see its original size…That made his blue eyes way bluer thus made him and his pic clearer made him cuter.. chuckle Same with pic #4 smaller made it clearer and showed off his beautiful freakin face!! HOT! So… 4 ,8 & 10 are the hottest to me..All are cuties but thats my favs…If I had to pick just one…#4 …Even though B&W I can tell he has pretty colored eyes!! Do you have him in color…. dog beg,beg,beg… laugh

  2. I could polishe dark skinned latinboy sweetheart for yearz to kum, #8 is startling prettyboy luncheon who lookz so needy as im greedy, #9 is a smart little bullie when he knowz i have rare silver coinz by the fistloadz & he knowz how 2 work it just rite joy

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