The Oriano Boys – Part 3

And they just keep on coming, and coming. The sharp looking blond brothers in front of Nicolau Oriano’s camera. In the attached video called “Lucid Dream” you will meet some of the other great looking boys in this photo project. Enjoy!

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25 thoughts on “The Oriano Boys – Part 3

  1. I have mixed emotions here. The photo’s and the boys are absolutely wonderful. At least four of these were originally posted by someone pretending to actually be in them, and even taken as a part of his art project while living in Hawaii. If you click on the handle name “3901Florida” in forum you might be able to review all his pic’s that he said he did of himself. But all that aside, absolute exquisite taste in young boys in wonderful poetic poses. I love seeing them.

    • I get what you’re saying. People sometimes wish they were the person they pretend to be. To get attention and affection by another person. Just like these little guys in front of the camera gets.

    • Really…What ever happened to that supposed “Teen Boy”…I called him out on that shot of that really little boy with crazy pretty blue eyes because I knew I had seen it on other sites maybe even BoB before he posted it saying it was his brother….It pissed me off because he also got really defensive with me when I asked him if they all where his family…His response was snotty and snooty tooo It was ” I dont take pictures of other peoples families”…yet he obviously does! I stuck up for him one time when another member was being dickish to him and now I regret sticking my nose in….Lesson learned….. yes

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