20 thoughts on “15) Without shirts

  1. Wow, absolutely delicioso!! Nice tagteam lineup = i woodnt be able to pick a fave outta this pimpprince crew if i tried & even tho i recognize a few of these scrumptious adolescent youthz, i have never seen these particular pix b4 now!! Glad i just got my monthly GBs on my fone for this pubescent posse gamer

  2. Oh my and oh boy – shirtless boys 1 through 6 are just too much – they are cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, perfect from head to tummy – wow and holy cow!

  3. 2,4,5&6 Sexy!! I like two for his blonde muscular build…but also like #2 for not having a developed body…Thats even hotter sometimes..He is a naturally skinny smooth hot blonde piece of candy…Eat him all up… dash dash

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