Absolute Model 2.4 Sunfly Edition

These boys has to enter the model industry, no adjustments, no makeup, just they way they are. Which one would you like to sign up?

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17 thoughts on “Absolute Model 2.4 Sunfly Edition

  1. In the first pic- old navy 2010 grey t-shirt boy, i wish his right arm n leg was more moved to the right more mmmm hes so….cute too. Lets go in your barn or wht ever tht is behind you!

  2. Just let me help him out of his tennis shoes and socks, same pose, then he’ll be PERFECT! (if you have to ask on which boy, there’s something wrong with your eyesight) haha

  3. Oh my and oh boy! – all of them would be perfect models – these boys have it all – cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, perfect in every way – wow and holy cow!

  4. I’m with Paul, #6 WOW. I can only think of a thousand things I would like to do with him, what a sexy bottom and face. He looks like he is thinking about some of the things I would like to share with him. Great post Tellgren, the other minor males are also worth a tumble in the hay. drinks laugh

  5. Last boy I like the way he takes Direction……..”Now bend over little boy” … chuckle Naw really cant see his front face shot but he looks super cute from the side…. Boy #4 At first I thought that his pee whacker was peeping out..but I think thats his swim trunks with the head of his package peeping out….I thought it was the real deal…. shock

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