31 thoughts on “Desert boys

  1. Thank You Beast well said…*.I for one would not engage in such petty arguments with any other BoB members…… rtfm * NOTE….If any of you were around for prior posts you would know that I am just being sarcastic …Who Me….? chuckle chuckle

  2. Wow, the guy posts these wonderful boy pix, & negativity, which is a major distorted thinking process n psychology, just startz pouring out of sum ungrateful, probably lonely soul. Craash obviously didnt fotoshop these as i have seen sum of this stuf b4. My only question is why do the pix seem distorted as n too wide. Cute boyz tho. Thanx 4 posting them Craash, & now u have 8 memberz on yur side. i was born n a small town formerly named MORON, so im used 2 demeaning name calling!! dash

  3. And yes, Moron, my lovely hometown, is a not so thriving oil town near Bakersfield & I-5 Grapevine if u go west on Taft Highway to Calif 33, that i luckily escaped from n 3rd grade, & boy waz i cute, to move n2 SF BayArea suberbz & then n2 GayCentral midway thru hi skool !!

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