19 thoughts on “Bicycle Boy Pt. 1

  1. But just about rite for Uncle D. when this boy benz over i get stifie hardened joy. donkey joy diablo Uncle D. got taken n2 a tree covered creekbed at this age 14 by boy same age on Stingray BMX bike who looked just exactly like this, hair & everything = Uncle D learned a lot about s__kin prime dike that summer afternoon while prince charming just sat on his bike showin straitboy on gaykid disrespect for my dominated throte = immediately sprhung!!

    • My kid, whoze lasname waz Forcum, he was shirtless in too tight mid 70’s jean shorts trendy short cutoffz, his white hanez tighty whities hangin out, plus a pair of new black converse allstar hitopz, the most stunningly beautiful rosy lipped, BIG brown eyed sinewy slim smooth boy from n & outta juvie with this same Brad Renfro hairstyle = RIP brad. squirrel

  2. Yes love that silky long brown hair and I love this kid…I got inta-wood when I saw pic #8 the close up face shot….then 9 bent over….. Ive always liked boys that look like him……..getting all sweaty and hot riding that bike!! Mmmm I could smell the boy aroma now…..I would lique him clean! squirrel dash

  3. Pic #9 mmmm i love to grab them blue undies and pull them down and rub tht a$$…and more..i have sticky tip going on now. I wonder if he has started puberty yet in pics 9 and 10, maybe close to it if not yet
    He can run his hands thru my trimmed smooth spot anytime

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