24 thoughts on “Boys

    • Definitely. Boy # 5 kind of reminds me of 1970s actor Shane Sinutko, one of the first boys for whom I lusted 40+ years ago. This boy (and Shane) looked about 11 or 12 with long dark hair, bangs, and a body any man would die for. I wonder if this boy’s name is Shane. He is sexy as hell!

  1. Mmmm i cant stop looking at boy #5 leaning is back against the rock and the boy sitting on tht lady’s lap in #9 mmmm omg…its exciting me and yes im not soft. Darn i want them!!!! Heck who am i kidding, i want any boy to play with me especially this age. Am i the only one with an erection looking at bl pics on this site? Come to me I’ll help ya with it….!!!!! P.s.. Oldman i would die for any boy like tht to play with

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