26 thoughts on “More Some “Cutes” # 43

  1. WOW! I’m going to be seeing #3 in my dreams for the next week. I want to take him out and show him off as my new boyfriend. #4 looks like a young Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

  2. 8 & 10 aren’t opening for me this time around, maybe later. I keep going back and forth on the ones that are here, some really nice selections. BUT I keep stopping on number five. I wish it were clearer. It looks like I need new reading glasses. Blurred a bit or not he has me all wrapped up. There’s just that something extra special that moves me more. What wonderful lips.

  3. Its a tie…….#3…#10….(yeah some pics blown up too big..blurs them… sorry 7&8 are hot tooo! The kid making a pig nose on that glass ..Ugghh! wish I could see a non piggy of him…but it made me laugh at least its cute! Thanks for the post !! good

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