28 thoughts on “When I went to the pool

        • One time someone posted pictures of boys that I know in real life. They are the children of a good friend.
          I reported this and now all the pictures are luckily removed.

          Yes of course anybody can post, but many pics here have copyright and so it is not allowed. But I only do not want pics here of boys that I know personal because everybody knows here are some perverts.

          • Then, why you are here? I think you are pervert too seeing pictures of other boys that you don’t know. ” To the other dog whit that bone”
            Tell to Sacha, many guys here have posted pictures of imgsr, this pictures are free, You are amargados.

          • Technically, just because you take a picture, or know who did, that doesn’t mean you have any legal rights to them once you have posted them in any public way. People can down load them for their own purpose the minute you set them free on the internet, period. Unless you watermark them and state that these pictures are NOT for any reproduction, they are fair game. As long as they are not getting any financial kickback for reusing them, it’s perfectly legal. However, the moral issues are a totally different aspect. But that’s NOT a copyright issue. The line is be careful what you post, it can get stolen and used, by anybody.

  1. I enjoyed it becuz i hadnt seen it b4, i wood probably do the same mistake of posting sumone else’s material once n a while without knowing there was a problem until notified. I think i should not post here for fear of offending the ownerz. rtfm

  2. wow thanks again for the speedo boys pics
    they made my day very happy hope you put more on soon again
    i just like it when boys are not shy to show of there bulge well done boys good good good

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