Er0s Brings You Love! # 5 – Sporty Boys

Here are some of the Lovely Boys I had to choose from to submit for the previous POW – Sporty Boys.

P.S. I decided to double your pleasure this time. So you get more than 10.

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*The Bringer Of Love”






































And finally, “The Son of Aries”  was my 2nd choice after the POW Winner ” Son Of Poseidon”. Sadly I could only submit one. So I thought I’d still share the love with you all smile



28 thoughts on “Er0s Brings You Love! # 5 – Sporty Boys

  1. Great looking sporty boys – they all look cute, beatiuful, awesome, amazing – 1..2..4..5.. Are just perfect – wow and holy cow! Thanks again for your pics and for spreading and sharing the love.

    • You’re welcome! It took some extra time but I think I will be bring more love in the form of the multi shots from time to time. I’m happy you had fun! Boys do that to me too laugh chuckle

  2. Pic #1 Migros 826 loved that boy the first time I saw him…Oh my he is too hot! #8 boy on the right..light blue shorts….! Then I saw last pic (Think its the same boy) OMG what a boy stud!! dash dash I want that boy BAD!!! Normally I dont like boys that are big muscular behemoths, But this kids muscles are defined yet not overly big…I would do anything he wanted to him…or of him to me…. chuckle STUD!

  3. pics of speedo boys and cycling boy are my best one so far
    they have a nice bulge for there age and not shy to show it of for us to see good good good
    we need more cycling pics on this blog please please please thanks yes drinks

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