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    • Yes, travis, I too would love to know how old you are. You say boy love is awesome. There are some who visit this site, and others I know, who would strongly disagree with you, for several reasons. Here are some:

      1. Boylove is fleeting. It only lasts as long as the boy is within the age of attraction. When the boy becomes too old and loses that boyish cuteness, the boylover turns his eyes to another boy.

      2. Boylove is often one-sided. And even when it is mutual for a while, it risks the boy being utterly rejected when he becomes too old to fit the boylover’s age of attraction.

      3. Boylove is really boylust. It is not real love because it is largely based on sexual attraction to the boy’s looks and physical appearance, not the boy himself. That is called lust, not love. Most people here will have never met those boys in the pictures above, so they cannot possibly love them in the true sense of the word.

      4. Boylove is largely based on fantasy. It cannot be fulfilled in the real world in the sexualised ways a boylover dreams of it being – not legally anyway. And anyone who dares cross that line takes some extremely perilous risks in doing so.

      I expect there will be some who will undoubtedly slam me for saying these things, but they are said out of personal experience from my own boyhood and from observation. Many boylovers see their attraction to boys as a tragic affliction that they’d rather not have.

  1. wow that last pics of the boy in speedo it is just great to see
    he just look so cool and not one bit shy of someone seeing his bulge well done
    please show more of him again thanks drinks good laugh

  2. All terrific boys, would make a nice little group.
    Incidentally, rokker is quite right about what he says, but don’t see the problem. Fantasy is good fun, especially if you are lucky enough to find a nearby friend with similar tastes.

    • That’s true, YBDoc. There’s nothing wrong with fantasy as such. It only becomes a problem when children are exploited to produce material to satisfy those fantasies. And it definitely becomes a problem for that group of people for whom fantasy alone is no longer enough, and they have to act on those fantasies.

  3. anger Sexually attractive ? I read the title ? My God, these people are sick !
    These boys are very beautiful, it’s true. But these are not objects !
    None of his boys did fancy a sexfriend or a lover age of his father.
    These boys are full of life, have a bright future in front of them girls – or boys – to fall under their spell …
    I was attracted to this blog, because of the image quality, which is remarkable. But the comments and openly pedophile titles start my blood boil !
    You have the right to fantasize, roof after each is free in his head. But your dream abruptly stop when you wake up. You’re doing wrong by living outside of reality and if you go to act, you have every opportunity to destroy a child and the adult he will become.
    Sex of a child is not made to be lived with an adult. No child wants to live lucidly and explicit sexuality in the company of an adult. If you do, you destroy his mental balance and mental development.
    I work with children, I am facilitator. I rubbed and accompanied several thousands of children. None offered me any love or sexual favor. A few cases have been vague references on the subject. I love children, sometimes more than they love themselves. My mature adult position, my educational position, encourages me to show them the way to a healthy lifestyle and simple, not harming anyone and respecting the integrity of each. No show them how to practice lust and incest surfing their Oedipus complex (normal step in the development of the child).
    Like children, you write too often. So please, kidding them peace, settle you the look, if possible without voyeurism or lust. If it’s too complicated for you, I see that the hospital or jail box to help.

    I hope you will take this message on behalf of all those boys who want nothing more than to live their experiences without being victims of dishonesty stamped few adults ! diablo

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