18 thoughts on “Speedo Fun 03

  1. Oh my and oh boy – these speedo pics are too much – it’s a 10 way tie for my fav – they are all cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, perfect from head to toes – wow and holy cow!

  2. thanks again for shareing your speedo pics drinks
    they are great and 100% good yes laugh
    wow i just love boys who are not shy to show of there bulge well done good good good
    please please please let have more again soon i look forwards to seeing more speedo fun pics smile good

  3. Is n3 boy on green floating device hard? Mmmm so am i for him. I want his.. i want all.. i want him…mmmm i seriously need a cold bucket poured over me..! Omg…dont stop now…..nuf said, I’m getting carried away now

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